Work package 3 – Evaluating and Sharing the Knowledge

Work Package Leader: Natalie Leys, SCK•CEN Belgium

Participating organizations SCK•CEN, Micans, NNL, UniMan, GTK


Work Package 3 will ensure that the output from WP1 and WP2 is correctly integrated and disseminated.

WP3 will evaluate and integrate microbial processes towards the conceptualization and performance assessment of geological repositories and in the respective state of the art knowledge base. The proper contextualization of results will be ensured and remaining key topics within and beyond the MIND project will be extracted by maintaining an active dialogue with stakeholders.

Geological disposal is a challenge where social and technical aspects blend and where thorough input from social science with regard to the design, implementation and post-construction management of the installation is required. In this respect the impact of the inclusion of microbiology on expert conceptualisation and public perception of geological disposal will be estimated as well.

The knowledge on general geomicrobiology and the outcome of the experimental work packages will be distributed to a broad audience, including students, professionals, the scientific community, stakeholders and the lay community, e.g. via interactions with the EUROATOM fission and training scheme program PETRUSIII.

In addition, possible synergies of the MIND program and consortium will be identified and cultivated with ongoing research lines of European laboratories and institutes outside the MIND consortium, with special attention for those in the less advanced member states.

The Work package is divided into the following three tasks:

  1. Task 3.1: Synthesis, evaluation, abstraction and integration of experimental and computational output
  2. Task 3.2: The impact of the inclusion of microbiology on expert conceptualization and public perception of geological disposal
  3. Task 3.3: Knowledge and information exchange