Task 3.1 Synthesis, evaluation, abstraction and integration of experimental and computational output

The output and reports on the extent of microbial processes inside ILW packages (WP1), and on the engineered barriers of HLW (WP2) will be reviewed periodically and synthesized on a yearly basis, including an evaluation of the initial state of the art knowledge base in the first year report. Towards the end of the project, an overall synthesis will be compiled and evaluated in the frame of the national and European programs on waste disposal and to parallel ongoing research.

The periodical and final syntheses will aim to indicate:

  • the key topics and processes which were addressed in the project
  • the extent to which pending issues were tackled and new issues arise to be addressed within the MIND project
  • knowledge gaps and uncertainties which (still) exist
  • priorities and opportunities to confront the issues in future tasks (within MIND) or new projects (beyond MIND).