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 1 Draft Genome Sequences of Four Alkaliphilic Bacteria Belonging to the Anaerobacillus Genus N. Bassil,
J. Lloyd
Genome Announcements, Volume 5, Issue 3, American Society for Microbiology, 2017, e01493-16


 2 Go OA Stenotrophomonas bentonitica sp. nov., isolated from bentonite formations. I. Sanchez-Castro,
M.L. Merroun
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology


 3 Go OA Draft genome sequence of Stenotrophomonas bentonitica BII-R7T, a selenite-reducing bacterium isolated from Spanish bentonites I. Sanchez-Castro,
M.L. Merroun
Genome Announcements x
 4 Influence of riboflavin on the reduction of radionuclides by Shewanella oneidenis MR-1. A. Cherkouk,

J. R. Lloyd

Dalton Transactions  x
 5 Go OA MIND Project Annual Meeting 1 Extended abstracts The MIND project. (Ed B Kalinowski) Abstract volume  x x
 6 Go OA MIND Project Annual Meeting 2 Abstracts The MIND project. (Eds B. Kalinowski and P. Christensen) Abstract volume x x
 7 Gr OA The anaerobic corrosion of carbon steel in compacted bentonite exposed to natural opalinus Clay porewater containing native microbial populations N.R. Smart,
B. Reddy,
A.P. Rance,
D.J. Nixon,
M. Frutschi,
R. Bernier-Latmani, N. Diomidis
Corrosion engineering, science and technology, 2017 x
 8 Mobility and reactivity of sulphide in bentonite clays – implications for engineered bentonite barriers in geological repositories for radioactive wastes K. Pedersen,
A. Bengtsson,
A. Blom,
L. Johansson,
T. Taborowski
Applied Clay Science x x
 9 Gr OA The biogeochemistry of gas generation from low-level nuclear waste: modelling after 18 years study under in situ conditions J.S. Small
M. Nykyri
M. Vikman
M. Itävaara
L. Heikinheimo
T. Haavisto
K. Marjamaa
H. Miettinen
Applied Geochemistry x x
 10 Go OA MIND Project Annual Meeting 3 Extended abstracts The MIND project. (Eds B. Kalinowski and P. Christensen) Abstract volume x x
 11 Gr OA Green synthesis and biotransformation of amorphous Se nanospheres to trigonal 1D Se nanostructures: impact on Se mobility within the concept of radioactive waste disposal M.A. Ruiz Fresneda
J. Delgado Martín
J. Gómez Bolívar
M.V. Fernández Cantos
G. Bosch-Estévez
M.F. Martínez Moreno
M.L. Merroun
Environmental science x x
 12 Gr OA Additives in Plasticised Polyvinyl

Chloride Fuel Microbial Nitrate

Reduction at High pH: Implications for Nuclear Waste Disposal

S. L. Nixon,
B. E. van Dongen, C. Boothman,
J. S. Small
J. R. Lloyd
Frontiers in Environmental Science x x
 13 Gr OA Nitrate and nitrite reduction at high pH in a cementitious environment by a microbial microcosm N. Durban,
Y. Rafrafi,
A Rizoulis,
A. Albrecht,
J-C. Robinet,
J. R. Lloyd,
A. Bertrona,
B. Erableb
Science Direct x x
 14 Gr OA The biogeochemical fate of nickel during microbial ISA degradation; implications for nuclear waste disposal G. Kuippers,
C. Boothman,
H. Bagshaw,
M. Ward,
R. Beard,
N. Bryan,
J. R. Lloyd
Nature x x
 15 Gr OA Long-termexperiment with compacted bentonite M. Vikman,
M. Matusewicz,
E. Sohlberg,
H. Miettinen,
J. Järvinen,
A. Itälä,
P. Rajala,
M. Raulio,
M. Itävaara,
A. Muurinen,
M. Tiljander,
M. Olin
VTT Technology x x
16 Gr OA Anaerobacillus isosaccharinicus sp. nov., an alkaliphilic bacterium which degrades isosaccharinic acid N.M. Bassil
J.R. Lloyd
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology x x
17 Gr OA Acetate Activates Deep Subsurface Fracture Fluid Microbial Communities in Olkiluoto, Finland H. Miettinen,
M. Bomberg,
M. Vikman
Geosciences (Switzerland) x
18 Gr OA Characterization of microbial communities in raw and homogenized bentonite samples R. Shrestha
J. Steinová
L. Falteisek
D. Vlková
A. Ševců
TUDelft Part of: 2nd Petrus-OPERA PhD and early stage researcher conference 2016 x
19 Gr OA The effect of caesium ions on a natural anaerobic microbial Community. R. Shrestha
J. Steinová
T. Černousek
J. Kokinda
R. Hadrová
H. Kovárová
A. Ševců
Waste Forum, 2018 Issue 2, p.140-145

20 Gr OA Influence of microorganisms on degradation products of gamma irradiated organic radioactive wastes – preliminary results R. Shrestha
J. Steinová
T. Černousek
P. Hrabák
P. Polívka
H. Vánová
Odpadove Forum.zc x
21 Gr OA The effect of low-pH concrete on microbial community development in bentonite suspensions as a model for microbial activity prediction in future nuclear waste repository R. Shrestha
K. Cerna
T. Černousek
R. Spanek
D. Bartak
A. Sevcu 
Elsevier – Science of the Total Environment x