Project Annual Meeting

Flier Workshop_May_2016_2
Download a pdf about PAM.

The EU-project MIND (Microbiology In Nuclear waste Disposal) will have its first Project Annual Meeting (PAM) which is scheduled to take place in Granada on the 2nd to 4th of May at the University of Granada. The meeting include a pre-meeting workshop covering key technical aspects of working with nucleic acids and clays intended as buffers and backfills.

The meeting is divided into three separate activities:

1 The MIND-project will on May 2nd host a pre-meeting workshop focused on two of our key subjects:

09.00 – 12.30 Molecular protocols, metagenomics and bio-informatic pipelines for clays and groundwater.
14.00 – 17.30 Research design working with buffers and back-fill – incubation systems, densities and swelling properties, detection of microbial activity and diversity.

The workshop will be organized by MICANS and the MIND-Project.

 2 MIND – Project Annual Meeting will be hosted from the evening of May 2nd when we start with an optional icebreaker and registration at the University of Granada. The actual Project Annual Meeting will start on the morning of May 3rd and continue until lunch-time on May 4th.

May 3rd
09:00 Welcome and Introduction to the MIND-project
09:20 Summary of the pre-meeting workshop
09:40 Theme session I: Improving the geological safety case knowledge of the behavior of organic containing long-lived ILW (incl. lunch and coffee breaks)
14:30 Theme session II: Evaluating and Sharing the Knowledge (incl. coffee breaks)
17:00 Poster session with snacks (until 19:00)
20:00 Conference dinner

May 4th
09:00 Theme session III: Improving the safety case knowledge base of HLW (incl. coffee brakes and continued poster session)
12:40 Summary and Closing of meeting

 3 MIND – Project Executive Committee meeting
The final part of the 2016 Mind Project Annual Meeting will be the MIND Project Executive Committee meeting which is held on the afternoon of May 4th. This meeting is only open for PEC members who will in due time receive a call and agenda for the meeting.13:00 PEC Lunch
14:00 PEC-meeting (until 16:00)