MIND session at Goldschmidt 2017

The MIND project is in charge of one session at the Goldschmidt conference in Paris August 13-18.

Come and listen to the latest findings from the MIND project at our session 13n: Biogeochemical Processes and Radioactive Waste Disposal which is chaired and organized by the MIND members Andrea Cherkouk and Jonathan Lloyd.

The MIND project is presented at three other meetings during 2017.

  • MIND Project Annual Meeting Prague May 3-5. More information will be posted within shortly.
  • There will be MIND-presentations at the 16th international clay conference in Granada July 17-21. The session is named: Biogeochemical processes at the microbe/clay interface and their synergy with radionuclide/organic  interactions.
  • Results from the MIND project will also be presented at the 20th International Corrosion Congress in Prague September 3-7.