VLJ-repository in Olkiluoto

Low- and intermediate-level operating waste generated at the Olkiluoto power plant is finally disposed of in the VLJ-repository. It was commissioned in 1992 and consists of two rock silos, a hall connecting the two and auxiliary facilities constructed at a depth of 60-100 meters inside the bedrock. Low-level waste is deposited in the rock silo inside a concrete box, while a silo of steel-reinforced concrete has been constructed for intermediate-level waste in the other rock silo. The silo for low-level waste has a capacity of about 5 000 m3, while the capacity of the intermediate-level waste silo is about 3 500 m3 (these volumes apply to waste placed in 200 liter drums).


For more information please visit http://www.tvo.fi/operatingwaste