Exchange opportunity MIND07:

Rn/Ln speciation studies using spectroscopic techniques

The Institute of Resource Ecology (HZDR/IRE) provides a wide range of spectroscopic, microscopic, and biological methods, which are all implemented in controlled areas. This allows radiochemical investigations like speciation studies of Radionuclides (e.g. U, Cm)/Lanthanides (e.g. Eu) under defined environmental conditions.

Absorption (UV-vis) and luminescence spectroscopy (Time Resolved Laser induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy) can be used as direct speciation techniques for the detection of speciation-changes in the observed system as a function of pH, ligand concentration, metal concentration, or ionic strength. Different excitation wavelengths, a broad temperature range (up to -120°C), and anaerobic or aerobic conditions offer freedoms when planning the experiments.


• Measurements of raw data (absorption and luminescence spectra (time resolved))
• Data evaluation to calculate single component spectra and luminescence lifetimes
• Determination of stability constants


Depends on the planned experiments.

The Candidate

Exchange opportunity for PhD or Professional.

The candidate needs to have a background in basics in chemistry and spectroscopy.

Application modalities

Registration deadline: ca. 8 weeks in advance of the planned research stay; CV and publication list

Practical modalities

Accomodation is possible at HZDR Guesthouse.

Additional information


Country: Germany

Language: English, Germany

Mentor: Henry Moll, Hannes Brinkmann

Contact email: h.moll[at] and h.brinkmann[at]


MIND reference: MIND07

Host reference: MIND-HZDR-2


Applications should be submitted by email to mind.project[at] and should contain

– a motivation letter with MIND-reference to the opportunity as mentioned on this website;

– a CV of the candidate.

Approval of your request will be subject to the evaluation of your application file by a Jury composed by members of the MIND project WP3, as well as the host institution. You will be informed about the status of your application via email.

In case of questions, please contact us via mind.project[at] and always mention the MIND reference number of the opportunity.