Exchange opportunity MIND04:

Excursion and sample collection at Bukov Underground Research Facility

Bukov underground experimental facility is situated near the Bukov mine complex on level 12 of the Rožná I uranium mine. It will be used for acquiring “in situ” arguments, data and characteristics for the safety assessment of the future deep repository. It will be possible to collect water as well as biofilm samples. The samples can be further processed at TUL.


• To visit Bukov URF
• To collect deep ground water and biofilm samples


3 days – 1 week

The Candidate

Exchange opportunity for Master, PhD or Professional.

The candidate needs to have a background in microbiology.

Practical modalities

Accommodation will be offered at dormitories (Master student) or at UNIhotel (others) and is of about 15 min walk distance, meals – student/employee canteen in Liberec. There is a guesthouse available close to the mine.

Application modalities, other than those specified below

Deadline for application is minimum 4 weeks before the planned exchange period.

Additional information

Host: Technical University of Liberec

Country: Czech Republic

Language: English

Mentor: Jana Steinová

Contact email: alena.sevcu[at] and jana.steinova[at]


MIND reference: MIND04

Host reference: MIND-TUL-1


Applications should be submitted by email to mind.project[at] and should contain

– a motivation letter with MIND-reference to the opportunity as mentioned on this website;

– a CV of the candidate.

Approval of your request will be subject to the evaluation of your application file by a Jury composed by members of the MIND project WP3, as well as the host institution. You will be informed about the status of your application via email.

In case of questions, please contact us via mind.project[at] and always mention the MIND reference number of the opportunity.