Exchange opportunity MIND03:

Flow cytometry characterization of the radionuclide toxicity towards microbial cells

Flow cytometry is a very useful cell biology tool aimed to investigate for example how microbes cope with the toxicity of radionuclides and other heavy metals using different staining agents such as Propidium Iodide, Fluorescein diacetate, etc.


• To study the effect of radionuclides on the cell viability, metabolic activity, etc. of cell populations treated with these elements
• Evaluate the oxidative stress generated by the radionuclide on microbes


1 – 2 weeks

The Candidate

Exchange opportunity for a Master, PhD or Professional. The candidate needs to have a background in Basic microbiology.

Practical modalities

The University of Granada possess a Guest House where the  visitors could be lodged (when free rooms are available). Cheap hostels and hotels are also available in the city centre.

Application modalities, other than those specified below

The mentor should know in advance the date of stay in order to book Flow cytometry Unit.

Additional information

Host: University of Granada-Department of Microbiology

Country: Spain

Language: English

Mentor: Mohamed L. Merroun

Contact email:merroun[at]

MIND reference: MIND03

Host reference: MIND-URG-2


Applications should be submitted by email to mind.project[at] and should contain

– a motivation letter with MIND-reference to the opportunity as mentioned on this website;

– a CV of the candidate.

Approval of your request will be subject to the evaluation of your application file by a Jury composed by members of the MIND project WP3, as well as the host institution. You will be informed about the status of your application via email.

In case of questions, please contact us via mind.project[at] and always mention the MIND reference number of the opportunity.