Deliverable (number) Deliverable name WP Delivery date
D4.1 Website 4 M3
D4.2 Project Presentation 4 M3
D1.1 Review of organic wastes and their biodegradation under ILW repository conditions 1 M6
D4.3 Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (DEP) 4 M6
D4.4 Data Management Plan (DMP) 4 M6
D3.1 Y1 Evaluation 3 M12
D3.2 Risk Communication 3 M12
D2.1 Inventory of reducing gases 2 M18
D2.2 Design, set up and operation of experimental equipment 2 M18
D3.3 E&T package 3 M18
D1.2 Effects of radiation and microbial degradation of ILW organic polymers 1 M24
D1.3 Radiation and microbial degradation of bitumen 1 M24
D2.3 Interim report on deep gases and sulphur compounds 2 M24
D2.4 Bacterial presence and activity in compacted bentonites 2 M24
D3.4 Y2 evaluation report 3 M24
D4.5 Publication Plan 4 M24
D1.4 Report of radionuclide speciation associated with degraded organic ILW 1 M36
D1.5 Microscopy and element mapping characterization studies of radionuclide 1 M36
D1.6 Relevant metabolic processes and limits on chemical conditions leading to methane generation in LLW 1 M36
D1.7 Methane generation in the Mt Terri URL and the underlying microbial processes 1 M36
D2.5 Microbial activation due to addition of electron donorsacceptors in deep groundwaters 2 M36
D2.6 Microbial diversity in bentonite buffer of aged 2 M36
D2.7 Microbial diversity in aged bentonites 2 M36
D2.8 Long-term stability of bentonite 2 M36
D2.9 Evolution of stress in biotic and abiotic clay flow cells 2 M36
D2.10 Microbial mobility in saturated bentonites of different density 2 M36
D2.11 Microbial cement deterioration boundaries 2 M36
D2.12 Microbial activity in a concrete-bentonite clay inteface 2 M36
D3.5 Year three synthesis report 3 M36
D1.8 Modelling of microbial processes relevant to ILW disposal 1 M42
D2.13 Anaerobic microbial corrosion of canister material 2 M42
D2.14 Role of bentonite density on the rate of corrosion of carbon steel 2 M42
D2.15 Survival of microorganisms in bentonite subjected to different levels of irradiation and pressure 2 M42
D2.16 Microbial activity and the physical, chemical and transport properties of bentonite buffer 2 M44
D2.17 Sulphide production 2 M45
D2.18 Microbial community associated with the corrosion of steel in a bentonite matrix 2 M45
D3.6 The impact of the inclusion of microbiology on expert conceptualization and public perception of geological disposal 3 M48
D1.9 Final synthesis report for MIND WP1 1 M48
D2.19 Synthesis report WP2 final version 2 M48
D3.7 Final integration and evaluation report 3 M48
D4.6 Implementers Review Board Evaluation report 4 M48
D4.7 Preparation and publication of project summary 4 M48

Microbial activity and the physical, chemical and transport properties of bentonite buffer